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Welcome to Click Christiana!

A new and accurate online presence for Christiana is presented here.
Click Christiana is a platform to preserve history, share upcoming events and general information with residents and tourists.

We would like to introduce a new online presence to Christiana - CLICK CHRISTIANA - that launched on 1 May 2019.

Click Christiana consists of sections for history preservation in the form of historical photos, articles, documents and any other form of publication that we can collect and convert electronically for easy access and in this way it's preservation. Visit the History: Articles & Documents page or the very popular History: Gallery page to learn more about Christiana's past.

Help us to make Click Christiana full of interesting, valuable information from regarding the town. Please send any photos and / or information that you believe may form part of the history project. Information can be sent to or send us a message to make arrangements to collect information. Hard copies will be returned to owners as soon as they are electronically converted.

Other sections of the site include a Business Directory to support local businesses. Another section that should not be overlooked is the Weather Forecast!

Future goals include:

  • Marketing opportunities for businesses via the Click Christiana website and social media. We are currently available on Facebook and Instagram.
  • To offer a bilingual website of both English and Afrikaans to engage and reach more people.
  • The history project is an ongoing goal and we hope to expand and build on it as much as we can.

We would love Click Christiana to become thé online presence for Christiana. One place for all events and information. We are working hard to make as many people as possible aware of the new platform.

Contact us on and visit our website on Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep abreast of information published. We look forward to hearing from you!